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We are so glad you found us !!!! Here @ Rita's Unique Boutique you will find BOTH Women's as well as Men's Fashion & Accessories !!! ( We now offer Infants, Toddler's & Children's Clothing & Accessories as well !! )

We carry all the latest Trending styles in......Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry, & all other accessories to complete your looks to help YOU stay in the latest style with the best of fashions !!!! EVERYTHING you will ever need, want & of course have to have ....... ALL RIGHT HERE !!! Offered to you at reasonable as well as affordable prices !!! ( Because now we offer NIBBLE offer Maker on ALL our items ) ... ( MAKINGA DEAL has NEVER been easier !!) But then again who can put a true price on " Looking Fabulous " ?? LOL !!!

We ALWAYS offer an array of VERY eclectic merchandise including...... Brand New, Pre-loved as well as Vintage items!!!! Fun & Funky, Sassy, Up-Cycled, Boho Chic, Cartoon Fun, Peace & Love, LGBTQ Friends & even a little Gothic Flare are just among a few of the MANY amazing style collections we will be bringing to you !!!!!! :) So, Please Come back often & Shop with us as you never know what you will find !!!

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Here @ Rita's Unique Boutique .......

We strive to bring you the most exciting fashions not ONLY in quality but eclectic flare as well !!!! As much and as often as we can possibly find through out our adventures in shopping ( Sourcing we call it behind the scenes !! ;) for no one BUT YOU our Amazing Customer Friends !!!

We promise to bring you ANYTHING from "Back in the Old Days" as well as The newest of New Trends & EVERYTHING in between !!! Styles for the WHOLE family !!!

There will NEVER be a dull moment shopping with us EVER I promise !!! So grab that favorite drink you love to sip on & Find yourself A comfy spot to relax in ,kick off your shoes & shop a spell with us !!! We PROMISE to bring you all the latest in Todays Fashion and Yesterdays not dead YET ;) styles !!!! <3Rita

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Featured WOMEN'S Collection :

Featured WOMEN'S Collection :