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Good morning my beauties!!! I hope thus message finds yall well and good this early Monday morning !!!!!
Well the time has come to let yall in on what has been going on with me ..... I believe in keeping it real with my customer friends so here is the 411 !!!

Thursday I will be going into surgery to basically reconstruct my upper gi track and to also fix a surgical hernia I was lucky enough to recieve after my gallbladder remove back a few months ago !!! Yes it's been a fun year to say the very least lol but I'm a tough cookie 🍪!!! I feel like the energizer bunny 🐰....I take a lickin and I keep on tickin !!!! Lol

Surgery is scheduled for about 8 hrs and then my recovery starts .....I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the TIF procedure but that is part of my surgical procedure on Thrusday !!! The recovery is about 6 to 8 weeks on that one alone which consist of not being able to eat .... can we say hello weight lose I come 😀 !!!! I do have a certified dietary manager I will be working with so through all this I stay nourishedand hydrated so no problems arise!!!! 😊 So don't worry !!! They can knock me down but ill rise up like the phenix I've always been !!!! Ain't nothung gonna break my stride !!!! I just wanted everyone to know before I disappeared fir a few days !!! 😉

Packages will go out but with some delays I'm afraid and for that I am so so sorry ,but I promise they will all get to you sooner or later !!!!! Remember to order ahead of time fir Christmas as some items take a bit fir deliveries !!! 👍

I want to thank you all again fir the love and support you show me on a daily basis!!! I truly am blessed with the best !!!! I love you all and I hope yall have a blessed and wonderful start to your Halloween 🎃 👻 week !!!! ( I thought the picture was a perfect one just fir the holiday lol ) 😆 Hugs 🫂 & Luvs ❤️ my sweet customer friends !!! RITA ❤️

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