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Sweet Customer Friends ! I’ve heard from so many of you today that you’re just now seeing me in your feeds, and so it just further confirms that my page was being "Shadow Banned". I went from thousands viewing my posts to 12-16 ( Business Pages have Analytics) and for whatever reason, it seems like they’ve opened it back up. I did notice that hundreds of you saw my posts but didn’t LIKE or FOLLOW my page, as if y’all were removed !!!! 🙄 Please LIKE and FOLLOW in order to see me regularly !!!! 🙂 It truly helps me so much!!!! ❤️ PS. I you you see something you think others would like or you're just compelled to share out of the kindness of your hearts I'd be forever grateful!!!! 🙏 #SupportSmallBusiness #ritasuniqueboutique #thankyouforyoursupport #blessed #youwillneverbeforgotten #SupportChildAbuse #childabuseaware #fortheloveoflily #ilovemycustomers

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