Heavy Heart .....Art is HARD !!!!!

Posted by Rita & Steve Chapman on

GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING my beautiful customer friends !!! I do hope this finds you all well and having an amazing start to this glorious day !!!! I'd like to take a moment and touch on something that has been kinda buggin me and well hurts my heart a bit too if I must tell truths here !!!!

Let me first say ..... I am NOT an artist /graphic designer at all !!! Everything I have ever created has been self taught and just playing around fir myself or friends!!! ART is hard ,REALLY hard and takes time to master !!! So again I AM NOT AN ARTIST !!!! 🙃

Now with that being said it leads me to why I say I'm not an artist !!! Over the course of being open fir almost a year now I have had some of the nastiest people letting me know their opinions on the way the boutique looks and or feels to them personally; and although I appreciate your opinions and take them all into consideration.....WHO ASKED YOU ANYWAYS ??? My boutique was ALL Made Created, Decorated and Loved with no one but my granddaughter angel in mind ...NO ONE ELSE but her ...... I've worked very hard everyday 😪 and still do to create my site from the ground up .....I have no help , no computer gooroo to magically fix all the kinks , perfect the perfection you all are wanting and quiet frankly I wouldn't have them even if I could!!!! I like the uniqueness of the boutique..... I like that it's child like looking as some of you have said !!! I like that it's eclectic ...ITS SUPPOSE TO BE !!! Guys it's a reflection of me ,who I am and mostly what I stand for and believe in !!! If you don't like it ,it's ok .... I do know that we all have opinions heck I do my dang self ...BUT when and if I do I keep them to my dang self and I dont make it a point to go out of my way to hurt someone's feelings or pride fir that matter !!!! Can't we all just be nice .... ( if we don't have anythung nice to say ,we just DON'T say ANYTHING kinda motto 😉 ) ......Yes I might spell something wrong , wrong punctuation, wrong expressions ...good Lord I'M ONLY HUMAN.... just over look it ,is it REALLY hurting you that much that you feel the need to be nasty humans about it !!!??? REALLY ???? You're that miserable that you have to cone at me in the way you do simply because you don't like the color , or style , or whatever it may be you don't like ??!! Is it THAT SERIOUS ??? Gosh all I ever wanted to do was crate a place to share my passion and support my sweet angel's cause in her memory !!! There are so many other places you can shop if you don't like my silliness ....please do ...its ok I get it I'm not your cup of tea ,but please ,please , PLEASE for the love of God remember I AM A HUMAN ,with a bleeding, beating heart and sticks and stones may NOT break my bones here but words after a bit truly DO hurt !!!!

SO again I tell you all ...I AM NOT AN ARTIST ,but I do try !!!! 😞

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