Shipping Blues????? ...WE GOT THEM too!!!!

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Hey My Amazing Customer Friends ,

I do hope this Blog post finds you in the best of health !!!!! I'd like to take a few moments of your time and explain a bit of news we have just found out as to why some of your packages are running a bit behind !!!!! I have seen quite a few times on other store websites including my own where customers are confused and outraged as they receive a notification that there item was shipped and yet they receive no further update on their tracking info after that for quite some time and I know how frustrating it must be as it truly is frustrating for us on this end !!!!!! Well if you will give me your undivided attention I might be able to explain just what is happening if you will allow me a few minutes of your time !!! 

Ok first off , here @ Rita's Unique Boutique it is no secret that we ship from several areas of the world as we have some wonderful vendors within the USA as well as ALL over the world !!!!! Like.....  ( England, India, Africa.... ) & Well one of those places yes happens to be China as well !!!!  ( Which is not a secret either ;) Nor do we hide the fact as some of our best items come from over there believe it or not !!!! That's how we are able to bring you such an Amazingly Eclectic array of Merchandise !!! :) All our Pre-Loved items come from us personally as well as any and all our fun & funky handmade piece we find along our sourcing journeys !!! Our goal is to bring you trendy ,fun, fabulous merchandise from all over the world for every walk of life and I believe with the vendors we have found we do JUST THAT !!!! ( SHOUT OUT to ALL our amazing vendors without you all we wouldn't have all our amazing customers friends !!! ) It truly is a trickle down effect especially being a small business but ANY business really !!! <3 ;) 

Ok Now with that being said .......In our boutique, the items are shipped several ways; either it's shipped from US direct to customers from us ourselves, or via a third party supplier !!!!! The items that we ship directly are shipped via USPS,UPS or sometimes FEDEX so you will always receive a tracking number that updates within a few days of notification & said purchase moves through the system within the states pretty quickly!!! NOW.......  The other items that are shipped from OUT OF COUNTRY have a few steps. Once shipped, the item goes through a third party carrier from said country to customs (you won't see this on your end but we do) !!!!  It takes time to clear customs!!!! Once through customs , it's on it's way to the US via DHL or other OUT OF STATE shipping services!!!!  DHL will then transfer it to a USPS facility within the states!!!!  USPS will then sort it & send it off to you locally!!!!!! You may notice that your tracking number will say USPS awaiting item in ( said state ) !!!! ( Said state being the main USPS facility that DHL or other services deliver to ) !!! I know this sounds confusing ( It's confusing to us as well truthfully as we are learning all this through trial & error as the whole Shopify 3 party platform is new to us!!!!!! )  But we are getting the hang of things I promise !!!!  :) 

Now I've seen a lot of other companies with harsh comments and reviews as well as had my share of them myself as of late because customers thought their item was never shipped or they didn't expect shipping to take so long. We do offer FREE SHIPPING to help compensate for some of the frustration and also  with that, we TRY VERY HARD to do expedited every time unless the third party carrier does not allow it!!! We truly are trying our best to do everything in our powers to provide good service to you all as we value & appreciate each and every one of our amazing customer friends !!!!! 

But , ( Yep always a but when you run a business ) We now have learned we have entered the Chinese New Year period !!!! WOOHOO Happy New Years huh???!!! LOL ....WELL ......During this holiday period between 1/14 & 2/13 any shipping from China is significantly delayed !!!! ( which we were NOT aware of and apologize for this profusely !!! ) SO THIS my amazing customer friends is WHY we have such delays on our orders !!!!! Why shipping is NOT showing up and WHY it may take a bit longer for orders to get to you all !!!!! AGAIN huge apologies for any and all inconveniences and we will soon be doing something AMAZING for each one of you that have been so loving , patient and understanding during this time again of trial and error !!!! <3

On a MORE POSITIVE NOTE : To offset this we have been adding more USA based items to the boutique !!!!! So, Please continue to be patient during this time in receiving your orders !!!!! I promise they are coming, they will be there !!!!!! ;) Once we get through the Chinese New Year things will go back to normal !!!!! All I ask is if you are waiting for items, please be patient with us during this time!!!! If you are ever curious about where your package is, I have added a shipping tracker to the menu bar and you can use it anytime , however many times you like !!! It does track from start to finish !!! Remember though Our system can only send out one tracking number so if you don't see any movement on the one given, we will locate your order and check if it is being sent first via DHL to USPS. I hope this has cleared ALOT of things up when it comes to our delivery and shipping !!!!!! 

 Thank you for your patience & understanding as we navigate this together cause without you there would be no us,

<3 Rita

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