Technical Difficulties!!!!!!

Posted by Rita & Steve Chapman on

Hello to ALL our Sweet Customer Friends,
As some of you may have noticed the site was down for a bit not long ago due to technical difficulties and we worked long and hard to get all the problems solved so as we may get back online as soon as we possibly can !!!! Unfortunately we may possibly be on and off for a bit longer due to all problems not being fully solved !!!!!!
Thank you for your patience as well as understanding as we navigated our way through all the mess !!!!!   Due to said difficulties though unfortunately it has put orders back a bit and we are running behind ......for this I am extremely sorry !!!! I am working on getting your items out asap and hope to be back on track soon !!! There are still a few kinks to work out behind the scene but I am working diligently to resolve each and every problem !!! 
Please come back here as often as you like and check for all the latest updates and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message us from the chat located at the bottom of the home page in the right hand corner of the page !!!!!! 
Thank you for your time and attention and we look forward to getting back to normal very soon !!!!! <3 Have a blessed and wonderful day and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY !!!! <3 Rita 




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