<3 For The Love Of Lily <3

  The last few years have been an emotional roller coaster for me as well as my family to say the very least and it's made me think many times , Why not me Lord ????? If you do not know , we lost our one and only grandchild Lillian Riley Chapman to the hands of her 14 yr. old babysitter due to Shaken Baby Syndrome / Child Abuse !!!! On June 30th 2018 she was hurt and less then a month later , even through all the efforts of the surgery ,hospital and doctors she took her final breath July 21st 2018 !!! Heaven truly gained a precious angel that morning for sure , MY angel !!!! :(

Close to 2,000 cases are reported a year and a heartbreaking percentage of them will die , while the rest of these precious angels are left living with all kind of health issues!!!!! Just one is to many but to think of these numbers just hurts me so !!!!! We have got to do something for these babies !!!! We have got to be their voice because they are just babies and do not have voices of their own !!!!!!
Since then, everyday I was giving the chance to wake up to a new day I asked , " WHY NOT ME instead Lord ??? " .... Why ??? It was NOT until I decided to go on this journey that I FINALLY understood WHY not me !!! Our baby didn't have a voice , but I SURE DO !!!!! God left me behind to make sure her story was told and one more person stood up for the children !!!! ME !!!! He chose me her Nana because he knew how much she truly meant to me !!!
She was my best friend .... my side kick , my chatting buddy , my heart , my soul , my true love !!!!! I have made her a promise that I will NOT let her death be in vain , that I will NOT let her story go untold , that I will Not let her be forgotten!!!!! So we at For the Love of Lily are here Challenging you , If you have children ......Are the luckiest grand parents in the world to have grand children ........ #STANDUPFORTHECHILDREN !!!!!!! Take our challenge and .......... LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU CARE !!!!!!

That is all we truly ask of you , just share , PLEASE !!!! Help us get the word out that there is no way we will stop till all the precious ones are safe in the arms of LOVE !!!!!!!!! God bless you my friends and family and have a blessed and wonderful day !!!! Lily , pumpkin this is for you .......Nana loves you always always forever and ever !!!!!! ( I told her we say it twice if we really real mean it and God only knows I DO !!!! ) Will you take our challenge???? ..........

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