Fabrics Style & Textures Disclaimer:

Fabric's Style & Textures Disclaimer:
It's unfortunate that for most of us Boutique owners we are not blessed with a physical shop so we bring our items to you via the world wide web and we love doing it don't get me wrong but , because we are limited as to how you can see our merch sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us !!!! What we SEE over the internet can be very deceiving as what may be green to me on my screen may indeed in real life be a shade of blue instead !!!! Sucks YES big time but it's reality !!!! 
It's unfortunately the same with textures !!!! What may look like cotton to you may very well be something totally different , What may look ruff may very well be an illusion of some sort !!!! What may look shine and bright may very well be just lighting !!!! I guess what I'm trying to say is that as much as we try within our boutiques online to describe the merch we sell as best as we can , in the end it is up to the customers to ( READ THE FINE PRINT ) ...Read the descriptions of said item/items you are interested in before you get buying happy !!!! It is not the boutique's fault if they have told you what the item is made of and you didn't take the time to READ it and just assumed you were getting something other then what they are selling !!!! ESPECIALLY if they have taken the time to let you know ahead of time !!!!! 
WE here at Rita's Unique Boutique will NOT be worried or held responsible for the lack of our customer friends NOT reading and educating themselves on what it is exactly they are purchasing !!!! We have describe each and every item sold here to the best of our abilities .... If for ANY reason there is a question about texture, styles or fabrics we have provided adequate means for you to reach out to us and JUST SIMPLY ASK !!!! We have not hidden anything from anyone here nor would we ever !!!!!! We won't start now either !!! 
So please make sure you are 100% sure of what you are buying before you get buying happy as it saves A LOT oh time , aggravations and heartache for both yourselves as well as US !!!!!! 
Thank you , <3 Rita

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