Our Brands ,Purpose & Cause !!!

All our brands are hand pick for not only your viewing pleasures but for your purchasing pleasures as well :) !!! We always have comfort as well as styles in mind and promise to always think of quality rather then quantity so as we may bring you the BEST of the BEST ....ALWAYS !!! Not only for you but for us as well , Cause when YOU are happy :) WE ARE as well :) !!! ( We'd rather have 10 amazing things then 20 ummmm "It's Ok " but I'm not over the moon about it !!!!! ) We know in todays world there are thousands of places you can shop , SOOOOOOOO we wanna make ours one you wanna come back to often !!! ;) That is why we chose to care a array of VERY eclectic things !!! No one wants to shop in a boring store !! I know I sure don't !! 
Our purpose in selling is not only TO bring you all these fabulous fashions of flare but to raise awareness for a cause near and dear to our hearts !!! We will be raising funding for CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS !!!! Later on in your adventures through the site you will learn why on our pages entitled ..........
" For The Love Of Lily " !!!!
We thank you for spending some time with us here @ Rita's Unique Boutique and we hope you have a Blessed & Wonderful Day !!! <3