We all know that " One size fits ALL "  does not truly mean "One size fits ALL " or at least I hope we do !!!!! The fact that ONE item can fit several different people perfectly, who all have different body types, is NOT realistic and if someone tries to say it is ,I'D LOVE to be proven WRONG !!!!!! LOL :) 

Although the movie The SISIERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS revolves around the jeans traveling from one friend to the next fitting to a tee at that, Was indeed just a movie!!!!!  It was more about the friendship of the four girls and NOT that the pants fit all equally !!!! Sorry to bust Your Bubbles !!! lol ;) 

Our "OSFM" ( One size fits most ) are going off an average both in weight as well as body type UNFORTANTLY !!!! Your average is doing to be Small ( S ) to A smaller size Large ( L ) !!!! Small may be a little baggy and the Large a little tight so buying the "OSFM" is truly @ our customer friends discretion and we can not be held responsible if said items do not fit as you would like or hope and for this I do apologize ahead of time !!!! They are pretty much " HIT & MISS " !!!! 


This is a standard for USA sizing and for the most part what our items measure to as well !!! There are some items that will need to be sized up or down and we have tried to let you know this in the descriptions of each said item  !!!! If there is not a sizing on an item it means that that particular item is one of our " OSFM " ( ONE SIZE FITS MOST ) items and only comes in one size !!!! If for some reason you can't figure out a sizing we have sizing charts on each items page and in out menu sections under measurements & sizing !!!! ;)
We are here as well to answer and and all questions!!! Please remember that I am only one person running the boutique solo so it does take me a bit to get to you sometimes but rest assured I do reply to EVERYONE !!!!!! <3 Rita
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