WE'RE HIRING !! Affiliate Brand Ambassador Program

Affiliate "Brand Ambassador" Program


Help US spread the WORD!!!!

We think it is just TOTALLY AWESOME SAUCE when someone tells a their FRIENDS or FAMILY MEMBERS about OUR AMAZING products!!!! We think is SOOOOOOO incredibly AWESOME SAUCE that We are looking to HIRE you ALL to be Brand Ambassadors to do just that for us!!!!! Why NOT GET PAID for doing such a WONDERFUL thing for us ,HUH???!!!! ( We thought you'd like the idea too !!! ) :)

Being a Brand Ambassador for RITA'S UNIQUE BOUTIQUE means that you will help spread the word about our AMAZING products to your Audience, whether that be with your FRIENDS and FAMILY, The church Potluck, or with your millions of followers on Facebook ,Instagram, TIKTOK, YouTube, Twitter or ANY other SOCIAL MEDIA you have or want to share it on !!!!! In exchange, you will receive a monthly commission on ALL products sold, A coupon code to share with your Audience, and a few promotional Goodies to help get you Started!!!!!!

If you would like to EARN SOME EXTRA CASH while still in your comfy clothes  and without leaving the comfort of your home then HWAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ???!!!! Just click on the join our team ABOVE and get started earning TODAY !!!! <3 We are looking forward to working with you !!!! ( Take a few minutes to read over our Terms & Conditions sections Below simply by clicking before you decide to Apply , Just so we are ALL on the same page !!! :) 

Thank you and we hope you ALL have a BLESSED & WONDERFUL day !!! <3 Rita 

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